Sales Team Training
& Development Programs
"Most workshop and team training programs fail." They fail because:

1) the content is 'canned' and is 'one-size fits all'

2) the content is developed by trainers who have never sold insurance before - so it's mostly high level theory with very little practical application;

3) adoption of the content among production teams is very low - usually due to the generic content not being applicable to each producer's specific needs,interests and professional goals;

4) content does not align with the enterprise's market niche, resource alignment, culture and desired business;

5) content is usually forgotten within a week because there is no follow up program to help producers understand not only how to apply the concepts learned, but how to work out the 'bugs' that normally occur when applying it for the first time;

6) there is no facility made available for individuals who elect to 'go the extra mile' and achieve more results by investing additional time into the program.
Sales Team Development and Training Programs

Can your sales team generate the results your organization needs? Are your sales results the same year over year? Can your team compete for key accounts effectively against other brokers in your market? Do they know how to write progressively larger accounts that are more lucrative and will contribute to your bottom line? Do you have a development path for your producers to follow during their tenure with your agency?
New Business Sales Initiatives that Work for Your Team

Building coherent, focused, and well coordinated sales initiatives your team can use to build their book of business is at the heart of our program. Identifying the ‘ideal client’ and building processes to find them, engage them successfully, combined with the tools and resources needed to prevail over your local market competition is critical to the long term success of your agency.
Why this is different – and why it works!

 Our programs are constructed by professionals with top sales accomplishments in the insurance industry and incorporate many ‘tricks of the trade’ that other programs miss. We tailor our programs to account for the specific training and developmental needs of each member of your sales team reconciled against your enterprise level objectives!

HOW WE DO IT - the 'Cohort' Method
#1: An online team diagnostic + live interviews with your producers
#2: An "Opportunity Analysis' revealing developmental areas and revenue generating opportunities
#3: Content created specifically for your team's needs and enterprise level goals
#4: A 2-Day Intensive workshop with action projects and interactive exercises
#5: Choice of 45 day or 90 day post workshop coaching programs
#6: Participant Scoring and Executive 'De-brief' process after program completion
#7: Facility for elective or sponsored One-on-One coaching programs for select participants 'post program'