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"Consulting services and training programs for carriers, wholesalers and other solution providers serving the retail insurance broking sector."
Photo:  A recent 'Competitive Advantage Program' Workshop
The 'Old Song' Doesn't Work Anymore!

The old song of ‘price…product…company’ no longer resonates within the retail insurance broking community. Carrier representatives must now demonstrate how their company’s products and services can meet the enterprise level objectives that are priorities for the retail insurance broking community. The Competitive Advantage Program (CAP) will show you how…..
We developed this program to show representatives how to identify high potential relationships, engage their existing broker partners with more substantive and productive discussions, and how to position their services and products in alignment with a brokerage’s enterprise level objectives as a true business partner. We show an 'inside out' view of the retail insurance broking industry, the concerns of brokers, practice leads, office leaders and senior industry leaders - a new perspective!
Why this is different - and why it works!

This is not general sales theory provided by individuals with no experience in the insurance industry and offered up in the newest shiny box! This program  was constructed by professionals with top sales and leadership accomplishments within the retail insurance broking community and incorporate many ‘tricks of the trade’ that other programs miss.

“I wish I had a training course like this when I first started in the business. Program provides great insight and tools to change the conversation with my broker partners…”
- LE, Portland OR

“I think the program was great insight into the economics of insurance agencies. It helped me tailor my message to the leaders of these organizations in order to show our value…”
– BN, San Francisco CA

“I believe the program gave valuable insights to the broker/consultants view of the industry. This will be valuable in creating a strong partnership with them…”
– EC, Dallas TX

“This program did a great job of providing insight and ideas for our sales members to succeed in ways we had never thought of trying before…”
– JT, St. Louis MO
Testimonials from those who have been through this program